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Perfecto Podcast: featuring Paul Oakenfold: Episode 043 Playlist: Episode 043

EIVISSA (Intro Mix): Amine Edge + Alexis Dante
UNDERLYING FEELING (Adam K Vocal Mix): Sylvia Tosun
MEET HER AT THE LOVE PARADE 2009 (TV Rock Remix): Da Hool
NO PARADISE (Diamond Cut Rebuff): Hail Social
LONDON IN THE HOUSE (David Delano + Swedish Egil Mix): The Joyriders
GOLIATH: Hamel And James
BURN IT ALL DOWN (Fred Falke Remix): VHS or Beta
DANCING MACHINE (Paul Oakenfold 2009 Remix): Jackson Five
CELEBRATION (Oakenfold Holiday Breakdown Mix 2): Madonna
ZIGANO (Angelino Remix): Lunatiq Phase

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