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Perfecto Podcast: featuring Paul Oakenfold: Episode 021 Playlist: Episode 021

MESMERIZED (Instrumental Mix): Suzie Del Vecchio
NOCHE EN VENECIA (Dr. Kucho + Juan Serrano Mix): James Rivas
SLEIGHT OF HAND: Thomas Penton + Thee-O
EIVISSA (Deluna Remix): Amine Edge + Alexis Dante
ONE, 2, 3, FOUR (Popof Remix): Martin Solveig
BEAUTIFUL SHADOW (Santiago Bushido Remix): Prarie Cartel
LONDON IN THE HOUSE (David Delano + Swedish Egil Mix): The Joyriders
UNPREPARED (Extended Mix): Marco V.
INFUSED (Adam White Remix): Barry Jay
MAGNIFICENT (Adam White Remix): U2
KING OF THE BERRY (Piano Slam Dub): Happy Monkey

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