Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold

Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold
Playlist: Episode 345
Hour 1:  Paul Oakenfold
01  Elio Kr - Alhambra (Original Mix) [Univack]
02  Nightlapse & Andy Manning - Staying Out (Extended Mix) [Perfecto House]
03  Max Graham Ft. Neev Kennedy - Guiding Light (Club Mix) [Cycles]
04  Cosmic Gate - am2pm (Extended Mix) [Wake Your Mind Records]
05  Tommy Johnson - Safe Haven (Extended Mix) [ASOT]
06  Somna Ft Adara - Signals (Emerge Remix) [AVA Recordings]
07  Danis - Lost (Marcus Santoro Remix) [Skyfall Records]
08  Alex Leavon - Amaya (Original Mix) [IHU Records]
09  Alex Kunnari - Come Alive (Extended Mix) [Infrasonic Recordings]
10  Jason Bye Love Drum (Original Mix) [Perfecto]
Perfecto Classic:  Paul Oakenfold & Marco V – Groove Machine (Original Mix)
Hour 2:  Paul Oakenfold
01  Solarstone - State of Mind (Pure Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
02  Vlind_-_Get_Mad_Original_Mix_[Outburst_Records]_final_master
03  TrancEye - Atum (Original Mix) [Grotesque Music]
04  Markus Schulz ft. Brook Tomlinson - In the Night (Eddie Bitar Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
05  Robert Nickson - Heliopause (Original Mix) [Grotesque]
06  Tony Day & Shatadru Sensharma - Infusive [Above All Records]
07  Skyfall & Sad Paradise - Amplify (Original Mix) [Nano Records]
08  Pierre Pienaar - Emirembe (Extended Mix) [Magic Island Records]
09  Dark Matter - Why So Afraid Of Me (Original Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]
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