Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold
Perfecto Podcast: featuring Paul Oakenfold: Episode 041 Playlist: Episode 041

KILLING TIME (Paul Oakenfold Mix): Infected Mushroom
MISTAKE (DaBruck + Klein Remix): Moby
PAPARAZZI (DJ Dan Club Mix): Lady Gaga
TO THE DJ (Jayvon + Swedish Egil Remix): Spitfire
GETTIN’ OVER (Extended Version): David Guetta, Chris Willis
LONDON IN THE HOUSE (David Delano + Swedish Egil Mix): The Joyriders
STAY FOR NOW: Sour Grapes
SANTIAGO (Original Mix): Stoneface + Terminal
AURORA (KT Edit): Sander Van Dien
STANDING BY MY SIDE (Fred Numf Mix): Musetta
TRANSFORMERS (Original Mix): Anton Neumark + Re-Zone

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